Catalogue of music discs recorded by BeArTon

Our catalog is composed as follows:

  • National Edition serie A – it includes a music discs with compositions of Chopin issued the composer’s lifetime. Registration Chopin interpretation was carried out on the basis of the source text musical notes in accordance with the will of the composer;
  • National Edition serie B – it includes a music discs with compositions of Chopin issued after the composer’s death;
  • Pearls of Polish Music – the aim of this cycle is to register creations implementing outstanding and important works, selected from the thousand-year heritage of Polish music;
  • Foreign music – it includes outstanding interpretations of world music;
  • Chamber Music – It contains interesting issue chamber music.

We especially recommend our Super Audio CD

There records are a Hybrid Multichannel Super Audio CD. It means it contains three complete sets of musical recording on two layers: CD Audio and SACD. The CD Audio layer is accessible for those who have a standard CD player and two speakers-it is a stereo recording. The SACD layer is accessible to those who have a SACD player. This layer contains two sets of this recording: a two channel stereo and a multichannel 5.0. To listen to the multichannel recording a set of five speakes is necessary.

The music was recorded, edited and mixed in HD PCM format and later converted to DSD format as SACD.

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Reviews of Super Audio

Our albums released in Super Audio format are highly rated by independent portal
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