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Our independent classical music record company was launched in 1995 with the aim of recording unique and outstanding music performances.

One of our best achievements is the National Edition recording series of Frederic Chopin’s works in 16 music albums. The first such series of Chopin music interpretations in the world was recorded on the basis of the source notations in accordance with the composer’s intention. The series has won the recognition of Polish and foreign critics, as well as many awards and honours.

In 2000 BeArTon initiated a new recording series, the Pearls of Polish Music. Its goal is to present the performing events by the 21th-century standards, of important and outstanding music works selected from the thousand-year output of Polish music…

Music albums issued by Bearton won many awards and honors:

FRYDERYK Nominations
Grand Prix du DISQUE
Golden Discs
Platinum Disc

Our catalog is composed as follows:

National Edition
series A

Music albums with compositions of Chopin issued the composer’s lifetime. Registration Chopin interpretation was carried out on the basis of the source text musical notes in accordance with the will of the composer.

National Edition
series B

Music albums with compositions of Chopin issued after the composer’s death.

Pearls of
Polish Music

Cycle is to register creations implementing outstanding and important works, selected from the thousand-year heritage of Polish music.


Includes outstanding interpretations of world music.


Contains interesting issue chamber music.

We especially recommend our Super Audio CD

Here there are music albums recorded in hybrid version of the multi-channel Super Audio CD. Discs consist of two layers: SACD recording with higher technical quality (multi-channel version 5.0 and version two-channel stereo) and CD Audio (stereo).

We recorded

Super Audio CD albums

National Edition Chopin’s works

The National Edition is a unique editorial undertaking. Its goal is the publication of Fryderyk Chopin’s oeuvre in its authentic form and, wherever existing sources make it impossible, in a shape that is as close to authenticity as possible. In view of the current trend to perform music as it was intended by the composer, such a goal is both necessary and feasible. This need is dictated by the abundance of existing Chopin sources, both in their original form and in photocopies. Researchers have developed methods of defining their authenticity.

Chopin belongs not only to the most often performed composers but also to those whose works have had the greatest number of publications. About 100 complete editions of his works have been published during the past 150 years. They differ considerably. Chopin entrusted the publication of his compositions to many publishers, in France, Germany and England. The thing is that the manuscripts that he offered to them (autographs and copies) were not always the same, while not all the copies and first editions were proof-read by him. Moreover, the publishers made their editing, the printers made errors and deletions, whereas the editors standardized the text to their own liking. All this resulted in numerous inaccuracies which made it difficult to distinguish the composer’s genius from an editor’s interference…

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