Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

  1. When doing shopping in the BeArTon Internet Store at, our Customers are deemed to have given their consent to their personal data processing, preserving, however, their right to peruse, correct, and/or delete their data from our database.
  2. The BeArTon observes the provisions of the Polish Personal Data Protection Law of 29 August 1997 and the Law of the Provision of Services by Electronic Means of 18 July 2002. Our Customers’ personal data, including their e-mail ­­addresses, shall not be made available to any third parties, except for the businesses which handle payment transactions and our suppliers for whom such data are required to complete transactions or deliver shipments. Such data may also be made available to third parties, strictly in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.
  3. All the website forms used for entering private data by our Customers shall be kept in a protected area of our online service facilities. Connecting to the service is based on the use of a centralized SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Protocol. Consequently, all the Customers’ personal data become encoded, and even when the data transmissions are stored, the data shall not be available to any unauthorized persons.
  4. When visiting the BeArTon Internet Store, cookie files (small text files) shall be stored on the Customer’s computer automatically to facilitate the use of our website and Store. In particular, the cookies are used for the purpose of the user’s session identification and our website service settings. Such information facilitates correct website operation. The cookie files are deleted automatically when our Customer leaves our website (or closes the browser).
  5. There is another group of cookies automatically collecting the data relating to our website operation, e.g. hit counting, user behaviour etc. (including the users’ demographic data, preferences, and IP addresses), gathered by the Google analytical tools. Such data are sent to the Google Company and stored by that Company. The Google uses the data to create reports on website traffic and provide other services associated with website traffic and the use of the Internet. Particular information can be used for better adjustment of the BeArTon Internet Store’s offerings and advertisements to the users’ preferences.
  6. Our website user can turn off the cookies by selecting proper setting in his or her Internet browser. However, one should remember that once the cookies are turned off, the use of certain website functions may be difficult or even impossible. When using our website, the user is deemed to have given his or her consent for personal data processing in the manner and for the purposes determined herein.
  7. Registration on the BeArTon Internet Store is voluntary and not required to place an Order. To register, the Customer will be asked to give his full name, delivery mailing address, e-mail address, and phone number, as well as a freely selected Login and Password. Registration is completed only once. Subsequent Orders will be fulfilled upon the Customer’s logging on our BeArTon Internet Store’s website, with the Customer’s Login and Password.
  8. The Customer’s Login and Password shall remain confidential. Exclusively the Customer shall be responsible for any damages caused after the Customer’s Login and Password have been revealed to any third parties by the Customer. The Customer using his or her Login and Password shall be obligated to update personal data declared at registration in case of any changes. The Customer shall be responsible for using invalid data.
  9. The Customer who is not registered on our website can also place an Order. In that case, the Customer will be asked to give his or her full name, delivery mailing address, e-mail address, and phone number.
  10. The data gathered during the Customer registration or shopping processes shall be used for correct Order fulfilment, as well as following the Order status and Order modification if required by the Customer before the shipment is dispatched. Our Customers shall have the right to peruse, correct, and/or delete their data from our database after their Orders have been fulfilled. The respective actions can be performed either from our BeArTon Internet Store’s website level after logging or by contacting our Store operator.
  11. Each contact with our Store operator by phone or e-mail will require the use of the previously declared data to obtain answer. Our Store operators will use the same communication channels when contacting our Customers.
  12. Once an Order has been placed, a confirmation of Order acceptance will be sent to the Customer by e-mail, followed by sending current information on the Oder status.
  13. Customers may receive additional information from our Store (e.g. a Newsletter), not directly related to a particular Order, if they wish so. Customers can unsubscribe from receiving our Newsletter at any time, either by using the proper form available on our website or by sending an e-mail to that effect.
  14. In case of further questions, please write to:

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BeArTon Classical Record Company
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