Chopin meets Wagner


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Frederic Chopin (1910-1949)
Richard Wagner (1813-1883)


Joanna Michna – piano

Disc content:

Frederic Chopin (1910-1949) Wydanie Narodowe

  1. Etude in C minor Op.10 No 12 – 2'29″
  2. Ballade in G minor Op.23 – 9'33″
  3. Andante spianato – 4'10″
  4. Grande Pilonaise Brillante in E flat major Op.22 [one piano version] – 9'30″
  5. Grande Waltze Brillante in E flat major Op. 18 – 5'37″

Richard Wagner (1813-1883)

  1. Rienzi; Rienzis Gebet (prep. C. Czerny) Fliegende Hollander: Spiennelied, Tanhauser; Einzug der Gaste auf Wartburg (opr. F.Liszt) – 12'34″
  2. Lohengrin; O du mein holder Abendstern, Elsas Traum (prep. F. Liszt) , Brautchoir – 6'01″
  3. Tristan and Izolda; Isolde Liebenstod (prep. F. Liszt), Gotterdammerung; Sigfrieds Tod (prep. F. Busoni) – 8'27″
  4. Walkuren; Der Ritt der Walkuren (prep.C. Tausig) – 5'21″

Total time – 64'10″

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In stock

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The original piano recital with a set of selected Chopin works based on National Edition and pieces of Wagner’s operas piano transcriptions

[Rienzi,Michna CHmW 1 Fliegende Hollander ,Tanhauser, Lohengrin, Tristan and Isolde, Gotterdammerung, Walkuren ] prepared by eminent composers of the era.

The record has a deep personal meaning for me – says Joanna Michna pianist – The choice of program is not incidental. I counterpoised these two contrasting composers, because their “meeting” is for me metaphor of my own life between Poland and Germany, beetwen of diffent character, but all of them close to me. Chopin and Wagner, sometimes identified with Poland and Germany, respectively, played so important role in my life that I needed to join tham in my recitals , and on a record …

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