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Franz Liszt [1811-1886]


Joanna Michna – piano

Disc content:

  1. Fantasia quasi Sonata – “Dante Sonata” – 17'42″
  2. Sonetto 104 Petrarca – 6'44″
  3. Sonetto 123 Petrarca – 7'28″


  1. No. 1 in D flat major – 8'22″
  2. No. 2 in B minor – 15'45″


  1. Saint Francis of Assisi – 10″25″
  2. Saint Francis of Paola – 9'57″

Total time – 76'47″

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Unfortunately today Liszt`s is often misunderstood. The composer is often perceived as a superficial virtuoso,although the piano technique was for him only a means to createw a new mode of mucical expression . Liszt was certainly one of the dominating figures of the Romantic Era, and one of those breathtaking revolutionaries in the history of music. His activity as a composer reflects the evolution of music during a half-century . A forerunner of the impressionist movement in music [Debussy,Ravel] as well as of the expressionism [Sciabin]; he also anticipated the late romantic piano concerto [Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff] …As a pianist, Liszt invented new techniques. He formed a legion of new piano virtuosos

Affred Brendel wrote in 1961: We all come from Liszt. We owe to him the type of high-style universal performer be created, as well as our understanding of sound, and techniques. It would be kind of you, dear colleaqes, to acknowledge this. It would be nice from the side of the audience to give up prejudices. The time to rehabilitate Liszt has come.

It is my hope that in this year at last, when we celebrate the 200th anniversary of Franz Liszt , the wishes of the eminent pianiost ot our time will realize.

Joanna Michna

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