Claude Debussy – Preludia

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Claude Debussy – Preludia
Cat. No. CDB024/025
2 music discs: CD-AUDIO

Claude Debussy

Wojciech Świtała – fortepian

Set content


  1. Danseuses de Delphes – Delphic Dancers – 3'13″
  2. Voiles – Sails – 4'04″
  3. Le vent dans la plaine – The Wind on a Plain – 2'05″
  4. Les sons et les parfums tour nent dans l`air du soir – Sounds and Scents Revolve in the Evening Air – 3'49
  5. Les collines dĄnacapri – The Hills of Anacapri – 3'04″
  6. Des pas sur la neige – Steps on the Snow – 4'42″
  7. Ce qu`a vu vent d`Ouest – What the West Wind – 3'15″
  8. La fille aux cheveux de lin – The Girl with Flaxen Hair – 2'29″
  9. La serenade interrompue – The Interrupted Serenade – 2'26
  10. La Cathedrate engloutie – The Submerged Cathedral – 5'58″
  11. La Danse de Puck – Dance of Puck – 2'46″
  12. Minstrels – Minstrele – 2'35″

Total time CD A – 40'33″


  1. Brouillards – Fogs – 3'16″
  2. Feuilles mortes – Dead Leaves – 3'27″
  3. La puerta del Vino – The Gate of Wine – 3'12″
  4. Les fees sont d`exquises danseuses – Fairies are Excellent Dancers – 3'34″
  5. Bruieres – Heath – 2'48″
  6. General Lavine – eccentric – Eccentric General Lavine – 2'39″
  7. La tarrasse des audiences du clair de lune – Moonlight Reception Terrace – 4'39″
  8. Ondine – 3'26″
  9. Hommage a S.Pickwick Esq.P.P.M.P.C. – A Homage to Mr Pickwick – 2'38″
  10. Canope – Canopic Jar – 3'09″
  11. Les tierces alternees – Alternative Thirds – 2'29″
  12. Feux d`artifice Fireworks – 4'33″

Total time CD B – 39'55″

Total time – 80'28″


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Debussy`s Preludes

Piano Preludes were written at the apogee of the composer’s creative capacity: Book 1 in 1910, Book 2 in ting and refining his previous experience in this field – mark the ultimate of his piano style. They were preceded by numerous single pieces and cycles, of which Images were the most important, and followed by two sets of Etudes and a suite for two pianos En blanc et noir. The 24 Preludes are the quintessence of Debussy’s music. They contain the most important features of personal style in the piano sound medium (similar concentrations occur in his other works: the opera Pelléas et Mélisande, orchestral Games and the chamber Sonata for flute, viola and harp). These features are: tonal language and harmonic in a unique synthesis, harmony of Romantic major and minor key with modalities, pentatonic scale and impressional atonality; basically small-motive melodic form, which often seems to be a harmonic function, at the same time marked with peculiarly French melodiousness, not avoiding subtle archaism and folkloristic stylization; a great variety of rhythms and tempos, from reflective and contemplative to orgiastic dance ones; consequently – a narration between the extremes of free flow and sharp, pulsating rhythm; and a maximum of texture variety, rich in piano music forms and figures. This style, so expressive, though it had developed quite long to reach its full individuality, the idioms of which we recognize immediately by a single motive, cadence or colour nuance, strikes one with a specific dialectics in moulding the form, characteristic of French art and mentality in general and substantially intensified in Debussy’s music: that of freedom and precision, fantasy and discipline, asymmetry and proportion, variety and uniformity, multiplicity and singularity. Let us pay a special attention to the truly classical economy in the composer’s dealing with motive as the basic form-building unit in the Preludes.

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